Interview: Carol Brito about ‘Desastres Naturales’ (2013)

Carol Brito (left) in a scene of ‘Desastres Naturales’ (2013), it’s her big screen feature film debut.

by Jaime Grijalba.

This is a new feature that I’m trying to start. I’m going to go and try to make some interviews to directors, actors, producers, whenever I find someone of interest, either be of upcoming movies or movies that I’ve seen recently… or hell, I won’t be picky, if there’s someone amazing at my hand and I can interview them, I’ll do it, if they have a movie coming out or not; and let’s not stop at movies, maybe we can go beyond that, and I’d love to interview really important people in literature. First of all, before going into the feature itself, I wish to dedicate this post and all the next in these series to film critic extraordinaire Roger Ebert, who recently passed away filling my heart with sadness, his interviews and reviews were always amazing and really interesting to read. So, let’s get on with it!

This time I have a very special interview. I have a… ‘special’ access to our interviewee, since I’ve known her for more than 2 years in more than a personal manner, and I think that you might be saying ‘Oh, he’s just trying to put on our heads how awesome his girlfriend is’… but no, she is awesome, she is great, but I’m doing this interview because she had an amazing experience. After years of acting in theatre she finally had her chance at a movie casting and she was able to have her feature film debut in the upcoming chilean film ‘Desastres Naturales’ (2013), directed by Bernardo Quesney (director of ‘Efectos Especiales’ (2011), the best movie of its year). She is now receiving the praise from many who have seen the first cut, yet the film will surely tour some festivals in the second half of the year. I ask Carol Brito about her experience and what makes the movie special. I’m sure she has a brilliant future, and I hope I live it with her.

J: Explain your character, ‘Laura Delicias’, in the context of the film.

CB: Well. Laura Delicias is just a 17-year old girl, that is between naive and immature for her age. She sells sweets and is very selfish with her products and henceforth, she doesn’t know how to treat her clients. In the movie she participates in many important happenings, where she’s always screwing up and adding the comic relief.

The cast of ‘Desastres Naturales’ (2013), Carol is the second from the left.

J: How was the direction work by Bernardo Quesney?

C: I think that the fact that Bernardo is young allowed a better relation with the actors, a better understanding between director and actor. He has a very minucious way of working, very planified, but that didn’t mean that it was a stressing job, but it allowed that the ambience at every hour, minute and second was very likeable. Also he is very joyful to do his stuff, for example, the surprise scenes, that were based on improvisation. If he invited me to work with him again, I’d gladly accept.

J: How was it to work with professional actors?

C: Obviously I felt very proud and it was an honour to me, I’m just a self-made actress, and sharing scenes with now conciliated actresses like Catalina Saavedra, Anita Reeves, Amparo Noguera and Paola Lattus was a thrill. Besides having the fortune to meet them, you acquire knowledge and you learn stuff with them.

J: Why do we have to see ‘Desastres Naturales’ (2013)?

C: Because besides having a great cast, the story told is really original, filled with emotion, where the audience will be captivated with each character and will have a great time seeing it. Besides, it’s Bernardo Quesney’s second film, which follows the same line as ‘Efectos Especiales’ (2011). See it, you won’t regret it.

And that’s it people, ‘Desastres Naturales’ (2013) will have a theatrical release in Chile in 2014, and who knows about the future! Thanks Carol Brito for the stupendous interview.


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