FICIQQ 5º 2013

The International Festival of Iquique was one of the biggest cinematic events in February, maybe not in terms of world premieres or new movies to seek out, but mainly because of how it was possible for people from the north of Chile had the opportunity to watch new chilean cinema as well as international quality cinema for free, and I wish to applaud the organizers of this festival because they managed to have many good films and the best of what was at the festivals last year. Widening the audiences and exposing them to the things that are being done, that is the trick. I wish I can attend one year, invite me guys, I’m a cool guy and I go cheap, I just want a place to stay and food to eat… just joking.

So, as always, I arrange the movies here with their titles (and their english equivalent if available), the information about them (year, director), the competition or showing in which they were, a rating, and a review if available. The winners are boldfaced. Enjoy!

1. Las Cosas Como Son (Things As They Are) (2012, Fernando Lavanderos) (Muestra Especial) ****1/2
2. De jueves a domingo (From Thursday Till Sunday) (2012, Dominga Sotomayor) (Competencia Largometraje Nacional) ****
3. Educación Física (P.E.) (2012, Pablo Cerda) (Competencia Largometraje Nacional) ****
4. Aquí Estoy, Aquí No (Here I Am, Here I’m Not) (2012, Elisa Eliash) (Competencia Largometraje Nacional) ****
5. Sibila (2012, Teresa Arredondo) (Muestra Documental Nacional) ****
6. Une vie de chat (A Cat in Paris) (2010, Jean-Loup Felicioli, Alain Gagnol) (Cine Animado Francés) ***1/2
7. La guerre est déclarée (Declaration of War) (2011, Valérie Donzelli) (Ventana Internacional) ***1/2
8. Escuela Santa María de Iquique (1970, Claudio Sapiaín) (Muestra Especial) ***1/2
9. Sal (Salt) (2011, Diego Rougier) (Competencia Largometraje Nacional) ***
10. La prima cosa bella (The First Beautiful Thing) (2010, Paolo Virzi) (Ventana Internacional) ***


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