Nº 8 – Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

(David O. Russell)

This time we have something special, a review done through a conversation in Facebook between me and my good friend Pato Gajardo, a spanish version of this will go up at his site and I’ll be linking it as soon as it goes up.

by Pato Gajardo and Jaime Grijalba.

Pato: Ok… Silver linings Playbook

Jaime: okey, by David O. Russell, do you like that guy?
Pato: Ha! I can say that you don’t like him that much
because of ‘that guy’
Jaime: Ah, I don’t know, Three Kings is good, I like it a lot, but I haven’t seen much else, apart from The Fighter, that I didn’t like a lot

Pato: I haven’t seen Three Kings, I was bored with I ❤ Huckabees and The Fighter kept me entertained
Melissa Leo kicks ass

Jaime: Melissa Leo is the best thing about that movie

Pato: By far
but well… of those we’ve mentioned, The Fighter is the only one not written by Russell
Jaime: I don’t know if Russell is a good writer, I think it’s what I like the least of his movies. The acting may be good, the direction fine, but the idea, the plot… nope.
Three Kings was that and Silver Linings too, lamentably
Pato: yep… that’s my problem with”Silver Linings”

Jaime: But Three Kingshad George Clooney and was about searching for gold, so that saves it.
Pato: The movie gives me the sensation that it touches profound themes but through that ‘good feeling’ filter that the medium budget hollywood productions

Jaime: it’s too light for it to be a movie about a group of mad people

Pato: Exactly

Jaime: every character has a mental health problem

Pato: the bipolar desequilibrates aren’t cute, dude…

Jaime: I mean, if you really want to have a portrait of people with problems to relate to the rest… do it with a deeper look to the issue, don’t put the fancy dancing as a way of expiation.
I think the most genuine moments… and I think this makes that there’s still a comedy with the themes presented, is when Bradley Cooper is running around his neighborhood and scares all the people he finds. That feels real and it’s funny.

Pato: Bradley Cooper is quite good
during the movie, I feel
but (and may Tumblr forgive me), J. Lawrence was unbearable

Jaime: Hahahahaha
the truth is that I still think that J. Lawrence is ok, but…
Pato: But that character…

Jaime: I don’t think she acts greatly oh-my-god-love-me-lawrence-have-my-babies
the character is a nymphomaniac with character issues
it’s like the new hooker with a heart of gold
Pato: Hahahaha
Gringos love that shit.

Jaime: Or the manic pixie girl

Pato: The cute bipolar

Jaime: Dude, we’re going to have movies with mental ambidextres for years

Pato: The nymphomaniac with knowledge in her heart

Jaime: Have you noticed how good the movie has done in terms of money?

Pato: The teenager wise as a 70 year old man
In Chile or worldwide?

Jaime: In United States it’s getting
almost 100 million
It is independent, you know? Then, it’s a lot, not like Beasts of the Southern Wild that didn’t have much money

Pato: Sure
there is to consider that J. Lawrence is in fashion
it has Cooper and De Niro, that attract a lot of people

Jaime: The girl in flames that everyone loves.

Pato: And the fact that it’s a comedy

Jaime: Ah, yes, comedy
Pato: And you have that dancing scene…

Jaime: I still bum me out thinking, for example, that I think that the best scene of the movie is the reason I don’t like it

Pato: Sure success

Jaime: I was EXACTLY refering
to that scene
I don’t know why, but I loved it

Pato: I hated the fact that that scene existed

Jaime: the choreography, the way they dance, I was still nervous to know the result, I think the movie caught me like a fool.

Pato: And it’s not bad
You know what’s my problem with that scene?

Jaime: I fell in the game of the editing and the emotion for a couple of minutes

Pato: That Little Miss Sunshine premiered over 6 years ago

I think that Little Miss Sunshine started a series of brilliant black comedies, of which Little Miss Sunshine is the only one that is genuine.
Pato: But of course… LMS could fall in the same as SLP, but it’s raw

Jaime: I just have one question
Jacki Weaver
is she

Pato: I think the same reason that there are 10 movies nominated for best picture each year
you have to bring the people to see the movies somehow

Jaime: True, but still you ahve to give them something, whatever it is, Jacki Weaver may be cool or whatever, but she doesn’t do anything memorable in that movie
I think I’d nominated Chris Rock before Jacki Weaver
it was Chris Rock right?

Pato: No… I think it was Paul Giamatti that ate Chris Rock

or viceversa

Pato: Right
The legend says that Giamatti can transform into the mortals that he devours
Jaime: So, what do you think of the Oscars it will receive? I say that only Jennifer Lawrence will get her undeserved Oscar.

Pato: I believe so too
But because the competition that best actress is a bit hard to guess
and she seems the good option, like the Academy uses to choose

Jaime: Yep, the rising star everyone loves.
To SLP, because it kept me entertained in parts and I think there’s a passable amount of acting I grade it with a 7 out of 10, but as time goes by that 7 turns into a 6.
But yes, it’s better than Les Misérables

Pato: Yep
yet overblown
it’s just another movie of the bunch

Jaime: exactly, I expected much more after all I heard
A 7 it’s a watchable movie for me
Pato: And enjoyable


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