3er Festival de la Cineteca Nacional

I didn’t realize that I was actually wrong in my assumption that I had to do this today, as I had to do this 7 days earlier as a month had gone by since the latest film festival, this is a special one, filled with retrospectives and previews of chilean films to come, and chilean films that never get any distribution, so that’s interesting. I wanted to go to certain screenings, but I just couldn’t due to work in those specific days, so I’ll just leave you with the final tally regarding what I had already seen and saw in the past few weeks and that was programmed in this amazing festival that each year tries to surprise us with the best chilean films of the year. The list from best to worst has the info, a rating, the sector in which it was programmed and a review if available. Thanks and enjoy!

1. Where the Condors Fly (2012, Carlos Klein) (Pre Estrenos) ****1/2 (review)
2. Cien niños esperando un tren (1988, Ignacio Agüero) (Chile Territorio Fílmico) ****1/2
3. Las mujeres del pasajero (2012, Patricia Correa, Valentina MacPherson) (Pre Estrenos) ****1/2 (review)
4. Educación Física (2012, Pablo Cerda) (Pre Estrenos) **** (review)
5. Mi Último Round (2011, Julio Jorquera) (Miradas al Cine Chileno 2012) ****
6. Sibila (2012, Teresa Arredondo) (Pre Estrenos) **** (review)
7. Hija (2011, María Paz González) (Miradas al Cine Chileno 2012) ****
8. No (2012, Pablo Larraín) (Miradas al Cine Chileno 2012) **** (review)
9. Verano (2011, José Luis Torres Leiva) (Miradas al Cine Chileno 2012) ****
10. Dawson, Isla 10 (2009, Miguel Littin) (Chile Territorio Fílmico) ****
11. Balmes, el doble exilio de la pintura (2011, Pablo Trujillo) (Miradas al Cine Chileno 2012) **** (review)
12. Mi mejor enemigo (2005, Alex Bowen) (Chile Territorio Fílmico) ***1/2
13. El zapato chino (1980, Cristián Sánchez) (Chile Territorio Fílmico) ***1/2
14. A la sombra del sol (1974, Silvio Caiozzi, Pablo Perelman) (Chile Territorio Fílmico) ***1/2
15. Escuela Santa María de Iquique (1970, Claudio Sapiaín) (Chile Territorio Fílmico) ***1/2
16. Miguel, San Miguel (2012, Matías Cruz) (Miradas al Cine Chileno 2012) ***1/2 (review)
17. Bonsái (2011, Cristián Jiménez) (Miradas al Cine Chileno 2012) ***1/2
18. El circuito de Román (2011, Sebastián Brahm) (Miradas al Cine Chileno 2012) ***1/2
19. El año del tigre (2011, Sebastián Lelio) (Miradas al Cine Chileno 2012) ***1/2 (review)
20. Bombal (2011, Marcelo Ferrari) (Miradas al Cine Chileno 2012) ***1/2 (review)
21. Negocio redondo (2001, Ricardo Carrasco) (Chile Territorio Fílmico) ***1/2
22. Selkirk, el verdadero Robinson Crusoe (2012, Walter Tournier) ***1/2 (review)
23. Joven y alocada (2012, Marialy Rivas) (Miradas al Cine Chileno 2012) *** (review)
24. El Lenguaje del Tiempo (2012, Sebastián Araya) (Miradas al Cine Chileno 2012) *** (review)


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