PlayStation RPGs: “King’s Field” (1994) – From Software

I have a treat for you, another new section that no one will ever read in their entire lives. I will play some PlayStation 1 RPGs and write a bit about them whenever I finish them or get tired of them because I’m too bad at them. In fact, I already started something similar in my earlier blog, but with every game of the console and that prooved to be… impossible, so now I’m sticking to the RPGs made for the PlayStation (and PlayStation 2 soon enough). As I said, I already started something similar in my blog, and so I already wrote about this RPG, so I’m translating this entry to english for your reading pleasure. The original one can be read here.

With a lot of hope I started playing the version that I got for this videogame. Big was my surprise when I realized that during those days I was just playing the game ‘King’s Field II’, which was called ‘King’s Field’ in United States, due to the fact that the first one was never released there, as it ocurred with some Final Fantasy (those I’ve always known with their original numerical names). That’s why I felt so much anger that I had to go back and have to get this game again and so be able to write briefly about it.

Before that, I was ready to give a negative report, on how the game (King’s Field II) seemed to insist in being enormously difficult and forbiding me to kill any enemy, being the principal blame a extremely stiff control and a doubt as to wether I was killing the enemies or not (finally I was able to defeat only one of them, and it took me about 10 minutes to do so). For the most part I died, and I had to start all over again. Now that I play the original game, I can tell you that now I know why this happened.

This is a classic RPG, and in some way similar to another forgotten PlayStation game, ‘Crime Crackers’ an RPG shooter of sorts (that won’t be reviewed here) with Doom elements. This is a dungeon crawler, we begin in a dungeon and we have to travel through paths and labyrinthic passageways, fighting at the best of our strengths against mythological monsters, while our only companions are corpses lying in the ground and scaredy-cat armored knights. Here you can watch a walkthrough of the game:

But after being killed twice by the same monster I realized that the controls are still quite slow and not responsive for me to be able to play it for fun and joy. Nevertheless, it’s entertaining while you watch it, it’s just way too frustrating. I guess you can have some fun watching someone else play it, like in the video above.


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