Goodbye PS2

by Jaime Grijalba.

It’s been on the news quite a lot, the fact that there won’t be any more production of PlayStation 2 consoles in Japan, even though it’s been repeated that this won’t diminish the turn out of actual PS2 games distributed and released to the public, something that still happens to this day (amazing how certain genres and companies still trust a core audience that will buy PS2 games no matter when they come out). Nevertheless, it’s a time of remembrance and joy, and that’s what we should all be doing, because it’s one of the greatest consols in the history of gaming, if not the greatest, and that is an accomplishment to have, every single game is at least playable and fun, and when there are some bad ones, boy, they are so-bad-its-good most of the time. Of course I’m talking about games with actual gameplay and story, not sports simulators, fuck those, they are shit! Anyway, looking back I can start to remember my first days with the PS2 and the fine games that I had the chance to play in it like the Metal Gears, the Final Fantasies, the Kingdom Hearts’s, the Silent Hills, or those individual works that astonished me like Ico or Shadow of the Colossus (from the same company) or Resident Evil 4 from Capcom, and many many others that came and went, and a ton of others that are still waiting to be discovered, and that is the most impressive thing about the PlayStation 2 (and the PlayStation as well… or any console by Sony at this point) is that you will always encounter a surprise, something that you didn’t know existed yet it’s completely amazing and you can’t understand how this got so underground until you discovered it. In a way, it’s always a pleasure to go back and play some games, find new ones, play them for a while, let them rest, go back, replay some masterpieces, anything goes in the PlayStation 2 world, and that is something that not every console can say (for reals, how many people will play a Wii game now that the WiiU is out? you? well, one, but who else?).

Now, in my earlier blog in spanish I started a project where I played PlayStation games and tried to muster some quick words about them week after week, and while that didn’t proove to be that impresive to begin with, it still was a great experience that I hope some day I can replicate with the games of the PlayStation 2 or any other console I get my hands on. I’m a videogame fan, I love playing them, maybe I’m not that much of a time invester as I prefer to go through them as fast as I can so I can get the experience done and call it a day, but I know games are time consuming, they are still among the most beautiful experiences that anyone can have, they are artistic and compelling and at the same time interactive, it isn’t easy to find an aspect of life in which you have a total control of, but when comes a game that it’s greatly designed and overall interesting to play and live, it becomes an amazing experience to live. I’ve said it before and say it again, I’ve never cried with any movie in my entire existence (actually, I don’t know, maybe as a little kid, but I mean as a concious man) but I’ve cried many times with videogames scenes, sequences, battles or whatever it puts me through, it’s a different experience, it’s  just impressive how invested you are in the narrative or gameplay just because you were doing it all by yourself, and that’s something that no other artistic experience can give you. Videogames are art, and the first examples of that truth were in the PlayStation and the PlayStation 2, specially there with games like Ico, it can do an experience that can be compelling all the time is difficult, and that game nails it perfectly, I applaud you PS2, maybe in the future my console will be a relic and shall be the only one in existence (I doubt it) but I shall remain true to it… until I buy a PlayStation 3.

Readers, would you want me to check out or write about some PS2 games? Leave it at the comments!


2 responses to “Goodbye PS2

  1. We’re both MGS fans, and I know it’d be interesting to hear your take on those, as they’re such a convergence between games and movies, so cinematic and ludological alike. I don’t know if you’ve ever played Fumito Ueda’s games, “Ico” or “Shadow of the Colossus”, but they’re probably my favorites of the console. “Katamari Damacy” is incredible too, and still fun even after its brand has been somewhat diluted. It’s the type of game I’d want to share with somebody.

    C’mon man, get going. Write about PS2 games. It is your destiny.

    • Thanks for the comment Bob.
      MGS must be something I should write about soon enough (After I replay them), as for Ico and SotC they are among the best of the PS2 for me, I’ve played them, and completed Ico.
      Katamari Damacy is something I’ve been wanting to play.

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