CINE//B_5 2012

One of the most intriguing and interesting film festivals out there is this new Festival of B Cinema that is playing in Santiago every year in November, this time I had the opportunity and the pleasure to attend many of the showings thanks to a credential that I won, I loved the screenings and the atmosphere overall that was going on. Keep the good job guys, it’s one of the most interesting in terms of the kind of films they bring out to watch. Again, this is a list of the films that I saw in the festival and another venues, with the competition in which they were in, a rating and a review if it was done. In boldface the winners in the different categories of the festival. I hope I can attend CINEB_6 and that it will be loads more fun.

1. Where the Condors Fly (2012, Carlos Klein) (Competencia Largo Nacional) (review) ****1/2
2. Las Cosas Como Son (2012, Fernando Lavanderos Montero) (Competencia Largo Nacional) ****1/2
3. Las mujeres del pasajero (2012, Patricia Correa, Valentina McPherson) (Competencia Largo Nacional) (review) ****1/2
4. David Wants to Fly (2010, David Sieveking) (Foco Pirata: David Lynch) (review) ****1/2
5. Aquí Estoy, Aquí No (2012, Elisa Eliash) (Inauguración) (review) ****
6. Electrick Children (2012, Rebecca Thomas) (Competencia Largo El Resto del Mundo) ****
7. Sibila (2012, Teresa Arredondo) (Muestra Memoria) (review) ****
8. Hija (2011, María Paz González) (Competencia Largo Nacional) ****
9. La muerte de Pinochet (2011, Iván Osnovikoff, Bettina Perut) (Ganadores//B) ****
10. El Salvavidas (2011, Maite Alberdi) (Competencia Largo Nacional) ****
11. El espanto (2011, J.J. Marcos) (Los Zombies Asesinos del Espacio Atacan de nuevo) ****
12. ¡Vivan las Antipodas! (2011, Victor Kossakovsky) (Competencia Largo El Resto del Mundo) ****
13. Tres haikus modernos (2010, Cristián Tàpies) (Muestra Memoria) ****
14. El circuito de Román (2011, Sebastián Brahm) (Competencia Largo Nacional) ***1/2
15. La Chupilca del Diablo (2012, Ignacio Rodríguez) (Competencia Largo Nacional) ***1/2
16. Rabbits (2002, David Lynch) (Foco Pirata: David Lynch) ***1/2
17. Foto (2011, Ismael Ferrer) (Los Zombies Asesinos del Espacio Atacan de nuevo) ***1/2
18. Miguel, San Miguel (2012, Matías Cruz) (El Nuevo Cine Chileno) (review) ***1/2
19. El 10 (2011, Carlos Leiva) (Muestra Cortos Nacionales) ***1/2
20. Vigilante vigilado (2012, Eduardo A. Gaita) (Muestra Memoria) ***1/2
21. Palestina al sur (2011, Ana María Hurtado) (Muestra Memoria) (review) ***1/2
22. Room to Dream: Tools for the Independent Filmmaker (2005) (Foco Pirata: David Lynch) ***1/2
23. Joven y alocada (2012, Marialy Rivas) (El Nuevo Cine Chileno) (review) ***
24. A Luz da Terra Antiga (2012, Luís Oliveira Santos) (Muestra Cortos Resto del Mundo) ***
25. Visceral (2012, Felipe Eluti) (Los Zombies Asesinos del Espacio Atacan de nuevo) ***
26. Juan in a Million (2012, Sergio Allard, Denis Arqueros, Nicolás Klein) (El Nuevo Cine Chileno) **1/2
27. El tramo (2012, Juan Hendel) (Muestra Largos Resto del Mundo) **1/2
28. La casa (2012, Gustavo Fontán) (Muestra Largos Restos del Mundo) **1/2

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