My Creations – Music Video for ‘Everybody’s Shining Today’ by La Banda de la Mente

The first professional music video that I’ve directed, this was indeed a co-direction between me and María Angélica Fernández. The genesis of this project was that it was for a class called ‘Music Video Workshop’, where the final assignment was a videoclip for a stablished band, so since we had a special connection with ‘La Banda de la Mente’, the choice was obvious and the work beautiful. I want to thank everyone who worked on it, and to say that the final product (editing wise) has little to do with my own output as I’ve been working with other projects, but the ideas we both had, as well as the structure and the shots are there, and it’s a joint work at that, and I love it, I’m very proud of it. So, onto the technicals before the big show:

(Chile 2012, 5 min 41sec) Youtube

p María Ignacia Melo d/w María Angélica Fernández, Jaime Grijalba c Patricio Alfaro ed Juan Pablo Arias s La Banda de la Mente

a Juan Pablo Arias, Marco Arias, Felipe, Carlos

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